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Bottling & Canning Solutions All in one machine

Starting as low as $7990


This is huge! Well actually it is little. Micro. Mini Micro. Our smallest most affordable machine yet: The Mini Microbottler.

Our latest two head machine that can fill bottles or cans OR BOTH on the same machine with a smaller footprint AND lower cost.

Features: 2 – Auto-height compensating fill valves, 2 – Auto-height compensating capping positions, Pre-Purge, counter pressure filling, switches easily from bottling to canning, multiple bottle closing options for crown caps and cans, and versatile for multiple bottle and can sizes.

Mini Microbottler

There are three major barriers to entry when it comes to bottling or canning your beverages.

  • Cost prohibitiveness - Other solutions are as much as 50%-70% higher than our machine.
  • The footprint needed - Many set ups will need a larger area to set up than many microbreweries, wineries, or other beverage bottlers have available. Our machine has a very small footprint. 
  • Limitations of available solutions - Many commercial beverage packaging solutions on the market come in a one size fits all. Ours is custom fit to your needs. 

We've tackled all three of those and added in amazing customer service and a product that is made in the usa

The Microbottler is so versatile thanks to its modular design... No matter your beverage - whether it be beer, cider, coffee, kombucha, soda, or wine - from bottling to canning to gravity-filling (or even all at once), our machine can be customized to your needs and get the job done!

Our team talking a little about the versatility of the Microbottler All In One.

Our sales manager giving his thoughts on the All In One VS. other machines. 

Bottling & Canning at a cost you can afford

When we built our machine we had a very specific customer in mind - the small microbrewery that was looking to package their beer without breaking the bank. Afterall, it was the love of great beer that got you into this, but it is your ability to make money that will keep that love alive. So we set out to build a bottling machine that helped our customers package their suds at a cost they could afford. 

Our Microbottler's capablities have grown exponentially since then, but our pricing has not. Our All In One Microbottler may be able to cap, can and cork many bottle and can options, but we have done our best to keep the cost to our customers down as low as we can. We've even added financing options to make it even easier to go from wholesale to retail with your delectable drinks. 

Bottling Beer with the All In One Microbottler

It may be Micro -But it's mighty

The Microbottler - All In One can fit just about anywhere. Have a space on a wall roughly 7 feet wide? Have 5-6ft off that wall? Ceiling over 6'3"? Sounds like plenty of room to us! So many of clients thought they could not add a bottling or canning solution because of space limitations. With the Microbottler - All In One just about any space becomes a bottling (or canning) room. 


Through the years we have always looked for ways to make our Microbottler® one of the best solutions for packaging beer, soda, and cider. Then adding Kombucha, Coffee, and now bottling Wine, we are always searching ways to improve what we do and to remove any limitations that exist. 

We started out just as a bottling machine and then asked ourselves the question, "what could make this better?". The answer was a machine that could both bottle and can with minimal downtime in between. This gave us a beverage packaging solution that could handle just about any beverage, but still there were some limitations. So we added a gravity filler to be able to bottle wine as well. Recently, we upgraded our seamer which gives our All In One the ability to handle different size cans that we could not accommodate before. 

Our goal is to give our clients the most versatile and cost effective solution on the market. One that can roll into a closet when you are not using it.

Bottling Beer with the All In One Microbottler
Made in USA




Compressed Air

Counter Pressure Filling

Switches easily from bottling to canning

Multiple bottle closing options - crown cap, cork, twist cap

Versatile for multiple bottle and can sizes

The MicroBottler® is a semi-automatic beverage bottling and canning line. It is designed, built and supported in the USA. Choose the MicroBottler® to bottle your craft beverages if you want simple set up, efficient bottling by one operator, adjustability to different bottles, caps, cans and corks and versatility to bottle carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.

Simple Set up

Minimal setup, configuration, and maintenance required. Simple to operate, and easily operated by one individual.


Capable of bottling, capping , canning or corking up to ten bottles/cans per minute. Transfers bottles smoothly for further processing.


Accommodates bottles ranging in size from 6 to 25 ounces and cans of many different sizes. Quickly and easily reconfigures without the use of tools.


Bottle or can beer, soda, cider, kombucha, juice, cold brewed coffee, sparkling wine, etc. Fills from a keg, bright tank, or vat.