Customer Spotlight:
Argyle Brewing Company

How they got started:

From Home Brewer to Microbrewery

Argyle Brewing Company began when three local homebrewers with ties to the then dry town of Argyle banded together to establish a small state farm brewery in Washington County. Using local ingredients, the brewers at Argyle Brewing Company craft unique local beers that have gained popularity over the past few years.

With increased demand for their beers, the brewers at Argyle Brewing Company began searching for a way to bottle their beverages more efficiently. They discovered that finding a cost effective packaging solution for their beverages was not going to be easy. As a small-scale operation, they struggled to find a bottling or canning machine to fit their scale and their budget, let alone finding a solution that did both. In the end, the MicroBottler® All In One from DK Advanced Technologies was the ideal solution.

The MicroBottler® enabled Argyle Brewing Company to bottle and can their craft beverages more efficiently, which in turn allowed them to enter the bottled & canned beer market and broaden their distribution. As a cost-effective small-scale bottling solution, the MicroBottler® was a perfect fit for Argyle Brewing Company. Below is Matt Stewart from Argyle Brewing Company giving us his thoughts. 

Matt Stewart from Argyle Brewing Company talking about going from home brewer to micro brewery.


Here are a few things Matt felt were selling points for the Microbottler brought to you by DK Advanced Technologies.

  • Unbeatable Customer Service

  • Cost Effective Option

  • Versatility

  • Made in the USA 

Matt gives us a pretty good overview of adding the microbottler and what it did for his business, his experience working with Dk Advanced Technologies, why Made in the USA is important to him, and a little love for our customer service. 

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