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Bottling Demonstration for Fingerlakes NY Breweries and Wineries

Our DK Team had a successful demo with breweries and wineries at Fleur de Lis Brewworks in Seneca Falls, NY on April 4th, 2018.

Seeing a semi automatic bottling equipment demonstration helps craft beverage producers know what bottling line is right for them. We invited local craft beverage producers for a free demo of the MicroBottler and lunch at a beautiful location. The idea for a bottling demonstration at this location was born at Empire Farm Days when we met the owners and brewmasters of Fleur de Lis Brewworks, Craig and Jon Paul Partee. The Partee brothers opened in May 2017 and are very welcoming hosts for their beautiful New York Farm Brewery. Members of the NY Farm Bureau and part of the Fingerlakes Beer Trail, Fleur de Lis Brewworks is a unique place to enjoy some delicious NY craft beer.

April Showers and lingering March winds didn’t hinder the DK Team

We loaded up the MicroBottler the day before so we could get an early start. Seneca Falls is about four hours from our shop in Fort Edward, NY. Par for the course with this spring’s weather patterns, we ran into some cold, blustery April showers when we were unloading and on our return trip.

Demonstration and opportunity to try it out

Guests came from over three hours away to learn more about the MicroBottler. We gave a little history on how DK Advanced Technologies began. It was all because friends at a local brewery couldn’t find an affordable bottling line that would fit in their brewhouse! Our team gave a great overview of the machine’s operation, how to set up your bottling workspace for efficient flow, basics of filling and crown capping. The group had some great questions about changing bottles, and were excited how easily (and affordably!) the MicroBottler can switch packaging shapes and sizes.

Didn’t make it to our demo? Find out more about us.

Enjoying lunch, Fleur de Lis root beer and craft brews

Everyone enjoyed some lunch from a local restaurant, as well as some samples of Craig and Jon Paul’s root beer and craft brews. After lunch, a few participants stepped up to try bottling themselves. One brewery owner shared that she felt much more comfortable with the bottling process after trying it herself. Mission accomplished.

Thank you to Fleur de Lis Brewworks

Fleur de Lis owners Jon Paul and Craig were gracious hosts. We enjoyed giving the demonstration and bottling a few of their beers later that afternoon. Be sure to check out their limited release bottles!

Want to host a bottling demonstration at your location? Or video chat for a personalized tour of the MicroBottler’s options? Contact us.

Demo of filling and capping with the MicroBottler

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