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MicroRinse Add-on for the MicroBottler

Is rinsing and drying after filling and capping bottles making you feel like you’re on a water park ride?
Wash and Dry Filled Bottles with the MicroRinse!

The MicroRinse is an accessory for the semi-automatic filling and capping MicroBottler. It can be added when your machine is built or retrofitted to existing machines. It attaches to the machine to the right of the capper and allows bottles to be slid through in their totes. Wash and dry your filled bottles after they are capped with the MicroBottler.

Water and Pneumatic Operation

This MicroBottler accessory is self-contained and self-actuated. Like a mini-car wash, it sprays off bottles and blows off excess water. The MicroRinse connects with a standard garden hose fitting and ARO air fitting. You do not need the compressed air accessory on your MicroBottler to run this add-on.

Specs and Requirements:

–          Requires an air compressor with at least a 60 gallon tank and capable of producing 15CFM at 90PSI.

–          No extra space required, fits within MicroBottler footprint.

–          Supports all sizes of bottles that the MicroBottler can fill and cap.

–          Works with standard MicroBottler cover.

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