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Great Craft Beer Gift Ideas for the Craft Beer Lovers In Your Life

We all know someone who’s a big craft beer lover and you might want to get them a gift that goes along with their passion for beers. But what do you get? With so many gift ideas out there it might be hard to choose a favorite. Here’s a list of craft beer gift ideas that we recommend and wouldn’t mind getting ourselves.

Bottle Openers

You can never go wrong with a nice bottle opener. No matter what it will always come in handy. Check out this list of some of the coolest and most unique bottle openers out there! A wall mounted one is great to have in the house if they don’t already have one!

Craft Beer Glasses

What’s better than a craft beer? A craft beer in a specially designed glass. Glasses designed for craft beers brings out much more flavor than a regular pint glass. Spiegelau makes some great glassware for all sorts of different craft beers. We recommend you check them out to get some quality glasses. They also have a tasting kit with three different glasses if you’re not sure what beer they prefer. Shop the glasses here.

Pressurized Growler

This is one of the most practical craft beer gift ideas you could get your fellow craft beer lover. A pressurized growler will keep a growler of their favorite beer fresh and carbonated for weeks! GrowlerWerks has a good lineup of some of the best pressurized growlers on the market.

USA Beer Cap Map

This is a fun one to get. It combines patriotism and beer, you can’t beat that. Not only is it a decorative piece but you get to customize it! Place your own bottle caps in it to create your own unique art piece. Check it out here!

Beer Bottle Chilling Coaster Set

Having your beer get warm after opening it is one of the worst things that can happen. These coasters take away that problem. Just store them in your fridge and take them out when its time to drink. They’ll keep your drink cold and refreshing the entire time you’re drinking!

Regrained Bars

Regrained takes the spent grain from breweries and turns them into power bars. With three unique flavors these bars are delicious and fun to eat. Knowing that you’re eating the grain that was used to make beer makes it taste that much better!

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