The MicroBottler® is an affordably priced semi automatic bottling and canning line that operates with minimal setup and maintenance. It is craft beverage bottling equipment, designed with the needs of microbreweries and other craft beverage makers in mind. Bottle your beer, cider, soda, mead, cold brewed coffee, juice, kombucha, sparkling wine and other carbonated and non-carbonated beverages all with one machine.

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Bottling and Canning your Beer

The craft brewing scene is as exciting as it ever has been. We are proud to be from New York, where there are now the highest number of breweries ever in history. The Microbottler® has close ties to craft brewing. It was originally designed and built for a local farm brewery and has since been sold across the US and internationally in many different beverage industries. From hazy New England IPAs, seasonal porters and limited release sours, the MicroBottler® makes bottling and canning them all simple and efficient.

Bottling and Can Beer Efficiently with Our High Quality Bottling and Canning Equipment

  • Carbonate or bottle condition, your choice
  • Control fill time and carbonation with easy to use settings
  • Switch bottles depending on the beer you’re bottling with NO tools needed, for a low cost and without costly technician visits.
  • Expanding to offer cider? Cold brewed coffee? Soda? Bottle and can with the same MicroBottler® machine.
  • Bottle and can all your brews or use for sours or other special releases


Bottling and Canning your Cider

Cider Bottling and Canning Equipment: Bottling and Canning Cider With the MicroBottler® All In One

As the microbrewery scene has continued to grow in Upstate NY, throughout the US, Canada and Internationally, cideries have become increasingly popular as well. Here in The Empire State, we value the apple industry and love to see the boom in cider production. There are many of delicious ciders and hard ciders currently on the market, more popular than ever due to gluten-free diet needs and dietary trends. It is exciting to see the endless flavor variations made from apple varieties and other added ingredients. Flavor ranges from Rose to light, sparkling beverages that rival champagne, cider delights the senses.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to get into the cider bottling and canning business, or if you already have an orchard or cidery and you are hoping to expand your distribution, you’ve come to the right place. At DK Advanced Technologies, we manufacture the cider bottling and canning equipment you need to do just that.

The MicroBottler® Makes Bottling and Canning Cider Easy

The MicroBottler® can be easily operated by one person and is a great way to increase the efficiency of your cider bottling and canning process without breaking the bank. It’s affordably priced and requires minimal maintenance, so you can focus on brewing delicious hard cider without having to worry about pausing to repair your small scale cider bottling equipment.

Bottling and Canning your Soda

Soda Bottling and canning Equipment: Bottling Craft Soda with Our Semi-Automatic Soda Bottling Line

Craft beverages have been steadily gaining popularity in the last few years. From artisinal beers and ciders to craft sodas, people are into drinking beverages that are brewed and crafted in small batches.

If you are looking to expand your soda production operation and increase your ability to efficiently bottle and can and distribute carbonated soft drinks, you’ve come to the right place. Hard soda, all-natural and organic sodas, herb sodas with health benefits, infused sodas, CBD and cannabis sodas, ginger beer – our team is here to help you bottle and can all your fizzy beverages. Here at DK Advanced Technologies, we’ve developed a semi-automatic bottling line that can be used to bottle a variety of beverages, including soda.

The MicroBottler®: An Efficient, Economical Soda Bottler and canner

Originally developed to bottle craft beers and microbrews, the MicroBottler® from DK Advanced Technologies is a versatile bottler, capper, and canning that can also be used for bottling craft soda. A small scale semi automatic line, the MicroBottler® can fill and cap soda bottles in a variety of sizes, from 6 ounces to 25 ounces (750 ML). The machine can be quickly and easily adjusted to accommodate either size.

Bottles and cans are fed through the soda line manually in custom trays. The MicroBottler® can fill up to 10 bottles or cans per minute and features an easy to use operation panel with a timer to make the soda bottling and canning process as easy as possible. The compact bottling and canning line can be easily operated by one individual and requires minimal maintenance so you can keep your soda bottling efforts running smoothly.

Bottling and Canning your Kombucha

Kombucha Bottling and canning Equipment: Bottling and canning Kombucha with Our Semi-Automatic Packaging Line

Kombucha has been available in the US for around 15 years and has been steadily gaining popularity due to its reported health benefits. Awareness of the benefits of prebiotic and probiotic cultures and fermented foods to overall health, commitment to raw, natural foods is fueling the reportedly over 41% growth in kombucha sales in 2016. The SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) also known as the “mother” is the key to transforming tea into kombucha. Kombucha types and flavors are vast including fruit like pineapple, lemon, cherries and pears, herbs such as basil, mint, lavender and rosemary and spices such as ginger and cinnamon. Kombucha producers are creative with their flavors so there are many different tangy options to choose from. Here at DK Advanced Technologies, we’ve developed a semi-automatic bottling line that can be used to bottle and can a variety of beverages, including kombucha.

Interested in bottling or canning your kombucha?

The MicroBottler® can Help get your Kombucha in the hands of More Customers.

The MicroBottler® from DK Advanced Technologies is a versatile bottler, capper, and canner that can package all your kombucha cultures. A small scale semi-automatic packaging line, the MicroBottler® can fill, cap, and can kombucha in a variety of sizes, from 8 to 25 ounces (750 ML),. Short on space in your production area? The MicroBottler® is 32” wide and can roll through a standard doorway. Keep it in one spot or put away for later use, the machine fits in a variety of spaces.

Bottling and Canning your Coffee

Coffee Bottling and canning Equipment: Iced and Cold Brew Coffee Bottling and canning Made Easy

With cold brew coffee popularity on the rise, more and more coffee brewers are putting bottled coffee products on the market. Recent news of coffee being great for health and long life is a great boost to the marketability of all coffee products. Coffee connoisseurs are loving the variety of iced coffees and cold brewed coffees on the market, the best of them coming from small, local coffee makers.

Coffee has become a popular craft beverage – This caffeinated beverage is joining  beer, cider, kombucha and soda and is in demand.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast looking to launch your own line of cold brew coffee, you’re going to need the right coffee bottling and canning equipment and supplies to be successful. Let us help you get your products bottled or canned so that customers can take your beverage to go and share the great experience they had at your business.

Bottle and can Iced and Cold Brew Coffee Efficiently

At DK Advanced Technologies, we’ve developed a small scale beverage bottling and canning line that works for a variety of craft beverages, including coffee! Our MicroBottler® – originally designed for small scale beer bottling – is perfect for bottling and canning iced coffee easily and efficiently.

The MicroBottler® is the only bottler and canner of its kind on the market. Intended for small scale operations, it is compact in size yet incredibly versatile. It can accommodate bottles ranging in size from 8 to 25 ounces (750 ML), and can be easily adjusted to change between sizes, shapes and bottle types and cans.

The MicroBottler® features an easy to use operation panel with a timer and can be easily operated by one person. It’s affordably priced and requires minimal maintenance, making it a great investment for new coffee brewers looking to enter the cold brew coffee market.

Cold Brew Coffee Bottling and canning Machine Features

Some key features of the MicroBottler that are especially helpful to those brewing and bottling or canning coffee are:

  • Accommodates bottles and cans of various sizes and styles
  • You can bottle with nitrogen or other gases with the MicroBottler®
  • Combines the canning, bottling and capping processes on one packaging line
  • Can be paired with a number of add-ons and accessories to further simplify the coffee bottling and canning process
  • Can be easily reconfigured
  • Can be operated by one individual
  • Requires minimal maintenance and upkeep

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